Chemotherapy shouldn't be the only option within reach.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is devastating.

Standard doctor-prescribed treatments like chemotherapy can be even more devastating.

The Oldershaw Foundation was created to help people who are already in what seems like a hopeless situation, find their hope again. We are passionate about helping people find and fund alternative cancer treatments.

Upcoming Charity Golf Event on July 21st, 2017

Our main mission is to help find and pay for alternative treatments for those diagnosed with cancer. Check back soon to find out about our upcoming event.

The Oldershaw Foundation


When battling a diagnosis of cancer, it is absolutely essential that you have friends and family to rely on. Help is the friend of the cancer patient and their families. Our goal is to ensure that we can help people find and fund alternative cancer treatments.


Rather than relying only on traditional doctor recommendations such as chemotherapy to treat cancer, we empower people to use alternative cancer medications such as ketogenics, Hoxsey, Nature Works Best, Gerson, and countless others.


Co-Founder of the Oldershaw Foundation, David Oldershaw, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer at the beginning of 2016. You are invited to learn about his struggle and decisions on the About Us page, or reach out to either him or his wife, Elizabeth, using the Contact page.


Health is the single most important quality to have when diagnosed with cancer. Roughly 90% of every alternative cancer treatment has it’s own proprietary method of quickly establishing and returning the body to it’s core health cycle.

Charity Golf Tournament

Join us on July 21st at 1 o’clock in the afternoon for our charity golf tournament at the Costa Mesa Country Club in Costa Mesa, California.

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Cancer patients need hope & options

U.S. Cancer deaths per year
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5 year survival rate for chemotherapy-treated patients
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Worldwide doctors who refuse chemotherapy treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Many alternative treatments are available yet out of reach for a great number of people. This foundation was started in part although because these treatments worked for the Oldershaws, many aren’t in a position to pay for them.


Gerson Diet

Developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s and 1930s, the diet and treatment is now available from the Gerson Institute located in Mexico.


Hoxsey Therapy

At one point, Harry Hoxsey had 17 clinics in the United States, but he was shut down by the FDA. The existing clinic is in Mexico.


Nature Works Best

This cancer clinic is located in Tempe, Arizona. No other cancer clinic of any kind, has such a high documented success rate.

Because We Care

  • My wife and I started this Foundation because I realized that although I was lucky to have the resources available to go to war with my cancer, not everyone is. We aim to change that.

    Dave Oldershaw Co-Founder, The Oldershaw Foundation
  • When my husband Dave got diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, I researched with him, cried with him, and discussed with him our treatment options. Although the doctors were relentless in their insistence of chemotherapy, we were in the position to seek outside their counsel. There was no stone unturned, nor travel too great in our resolve to beat the diagnosis. Not content with just one treatment option, Dave did as many as he could handle. Dave is still battling, but feels better than ever. And we did it together, without chemotherapy.

    Elizabeth Oldershaw Schoolteacher & Co-Founder of the Oldershaw Foundation
The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, but treatments for cancer can be even more devastating. The Oldershaw Foundation is passionate about helping people to find and fund alternative cancer treatments.
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